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Profile and team names

Swush.com reserve the right to change or reject profiles and team names which can be considered offensive or an invasion of privacy. This includes names which attempt to commercially or otherwise exploit the Sportsbox.com as a media. In none of the above instances will the participator fee be refunded.


Some games on Sportsbox.com require payment for team to be activated. You can pay with one of the following creditcards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB or Diners

All payments are done in GBP. The cost of participation may vary from game to game.


Team activation occurs immediately when your payment is executed.

Right of cancellation

Payment for participation in the game can not be reversed or cancelled.


The winner of the SportsBox.com competition is the team which has achieved the most points/value increase at the end of the game. In the case of two or more teams being equal at the end of the game, the winner will be decided by drawing lots.


None of the prizes in the SportsBox.com competition can be exchanged for money.

Doubt or disagreement / Claims

In the case of doubt or disagreement about the competition rules, Swush.com will decide their interpretation and settle the question using their own judgement. In this matter, or others arising from execution of the competition, lack of publication, changes in the match program/game rounds or other conditions, claims for compensation cannot be brought against Swush.com, who otherwise reserve their right to without prior warning make changes to or append the rules.

Persons associated

Persons associated with Swush.com are ineligible to win prizes in the SportsBox.com competition. Hereunder members of the board and management, permanent employees, hourly and fee-paid co-workers.

Users responsibility

Users of SportsBox.com are responsible for keeping their password secret. The user is obligated to immediately inform Swush.com if they discover there has been unauthorised access to their Swush.com account. The user is also obligated to log out from SportsBox.com after using the game, so that others without authorisation cannot access the account.


Swush.com relinquish all responsibility for any loss of data and/or changes to the user's standing in the game arising from technical faults with the system.

Terms and conditions

This internet page is owned, created and/or managed by Swush.com ApS (Swush.com). The following terms and conditions apply when using Swush.com's web page. By going onto the web page, you agree to accept and follow the following terms and conditons. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you must not use this web page

1. Liability waiver

Use of the web page and its facilities, including all materials and information retrieved from this web page, is at your own risk. Swush.com hereby expressly relinquishes all responsibility and all guarantees expressed or implied, of each and any type hereunder, but not limited to implied guarantees for application or saleability, adaptation for a specifed purpose or any infringement of a third party's rights.

Swush.com is similarly not liable for the web page's, and its used or downloaded software's non-functionality, loss of data and service performance because of delays, lack of delivery, wrong delivery or service interruption, for the accuracy, quality or acquisition of the information retrieved from the web page and neither for the consequences of any viruses downloaded from Swush.com's server, or any responsibility, expenses, loss of profit or other loss incurred arising from use of, or inability to access, the web page.

With respect to user content, Swush.com is not responsible for contents made public in chat rooms and discussion pages, including other common areas. Swush.com cannot be made responsible if any user content made public infringes a third party's rights. All such content, regardless of whether it is expressed as an opinion or recommendation, is the user's expressed opinion and not that of Swush.com.

This web page may be linked to other web pages which are not maintained by Swush.com. Swush.com does not in any way have any control over the information, products or services offered on other linked web pages and is NOT responsible for their content. It can, for example, be possible for users to buy goods and other services via the web page. Some of these purchasing possibilities may be offered by third party retailers, linked to the web page. Registered users can also communicate with or participate in companies' sales promoting activities on the web page. Swush.com is not involved in any way with these third parties, and any such transactions, correspondence with or participation in sales promoting activities, including all terms, conditions, guarantees or invocations connected with such relations, is exclusively a matter between the user and the third party. Swush.com does not accept any obligations or responsibility for any part of such transactions, correspondence or participation.

You accept to indemnify Swush.com for any demands and costs, loss of profit, loss of data or loss arising as a result of your breach of these terms and conditions.


All materials on the web page are owned either by Swush.com or its licencers, and the material is protected by the law governing copyright and trademarks. You must not in any way copy, change, reproduce, re-issue, send or distribute materials from this web page, hereunder the underlying codes and software, without express permission to do so.

You are only permitted to use the contents of this web page for private and non-commercial use.

That means look at and print single pages or paragraphs for private use. Any unauthorised use of the above-mentioned, hereunder Swush.com's name, trademark and materials will result in a claim for compensation.

3. Personal information

Swush.com gathers, uses and passes on your personal information only if you have given your permission to such being gathered, used and passed on, unless it is information which has been made public by you, or that Swush.com finds that such an action is necessary for

  1. the IT responsible or third party, to whom the information is given, to follow a justified interest, and consideration of the user does not exceed this interest, or
  2. to protect the user or other person's vital interests in special cases, or
  3. that a legal claim can be made, applied or defended.

By registering with Swush.com's services you are at the same time giving permission for Swush.com to collect any information necessary for the game, including information about your movements on, and use of, the web page hereunder other web pages owned and managed by Swush.com.

4. Information of a non-personal character

Other, nonpersonal information is collected and used by Swush.com and can be passed on to a third party. Any statistics and demographic information will not include personal details which could lead to your identification. In addition to the personal information embraced in the above-mentioned registration, your movements on the web page will be automatically registered. This information will only be used in collected form, and no users will be identifiable.

5. Cookies

Swush.com uses cookies to speed up access to the web page (by by-passing the user registration database).

A cookie is a small collection of data sent from Swush.com to your computer which makes it easier to find you quickly. It is possible for you to make these cookies non-functional by changing the settings on your browser, but this will prevent you from accessing parts of the web page.

6. Swush.com's rights and obligations

Swush.com will endeavour to ensure that the web page and its facilities are available at all times, and that the contents delivered by Swush.com are true, accurate and free from errors. We do not however, provide any guarantee of this, unless expressly stated.

Swush.com has the right, at any time and withour prior warning, to interrupt the web page services offered or any of the supplementary related services and, in addition, to block certain users accounts or access rights.

Swush.com reserves the right to change these conditions without prior warning.

7. Court of law and governing

These conditions and rights are governed by Danish law and shall be interpreted in accordance with these. You and Swush.com accept the Danish courts exclusive ruling concerning any questions relating to the conditions.

If a court with the appropriate authority declares that one or more of the conditions of the Terms and Conditions are invalid or not legally binding, it/they shall be interpreted as close to the original wording as possible so that it/they reflect Swush.com's intentions and at the same time, that the other conditions continue with full, unchanged validity.

If Swush.com omits to apply rights or conditions in the Terms and Conditions, this does not mean Swush.com has relinquished these rights or conditions, unless Swush.com has given written consent to such.

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