About us


The reason why we at Sportsbox create online, Sports-based fantasy games is dead simple. We eat, sleep and drink sport and so want the most up-to-date and realistic fantasy sports games that people like us can play, anywhere, 24/7. Our games allow the die hard sports fan to not only test their managerial metal, but thanks to real-time results, personalised groups and discussion forums, users can discover, discuss and share the latest sports news within a dedicated online sports community.


As a fantasy sports manager, you must continually react to real-life sporting news and events if you want to manage your team to glory. Managing a sports team isn't as easy as it looks sometimes. It requires an ability to make well informed decisions whilst keeping a cool head. It's all about knowing which players to buy and sell, which teams to back and sometimes - when to just accept you've been beaten!


Put your friends, family and colleagues managerial skills to the test and compete head-to-head by setting up your own private mini-leagues. Perhaps you think, 'it's just a game'. But, here's the thing. We've never heard any guy (or girl) that's just beaten their dad or boss saying 'it's the taking part that counts!'


Yes, prizes. We think good performance should be rewarded, and if you've done particularly well you can expect something a little bit extra from us. .

Don't just watch the game on the box, get in the game with Sportsbox! You'll soon discover that with Sportsbox.com, you don't follow your favourite sport anymore, you live and breathe it. One word of caution however. Do not underestimate just how addictive Sportsbox is - we take no responsibility for you calling into work sick or missing your sister in-law's wedding. Your life with Sportsbox will never be quite the same again.

Which sports and leagues?

The selection of games available depends of course upon what's being played in the real world right now, as our games closely reflect this. Our start page has a list of active and available games.

Who we are

Sportbox is owned and run by Swush.com, the largest fantasy sports developer in Scandinavia. We have hosted millions of fantasy teams in various sports ranging from football to Formula One.