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Why can't you just send me my old password?

Well, there is a very good reason for this. We don't actually have access to your old password!

It is important for security reasons that you're the only one who knows the password to your account. When you log in, we can only see if the password is correct or not, not what the password actually is.

If you want, you can always change your password back to what the old one was - as soon as you have gone through the process of obtaining a new one and are logged back in.

How do I change my password?

If you know your password then you can simply change it within your account settings page. Click on the Account menu located at the top right of this page, select the 'Change Password tab' and enter the new password you would like to have.

If you have forgotten your password, then you can get a new one here.Simply change it again in the same way as described above once you have logged back in again.

I've got a new email address

Your e-mail is a part of your personal information and so its vital that you keep this up to date as it makes it much easier for us to contact you when you win something!

You can see and amend all of your personal information under the Account menu, located at the top right of this site page.

How do I change my Username/Alias?

In short, you can't change your Username/Alias. Sorry!

Competitions and group games

What is a competition?

When you sign up with a team, you will always compete against all other teams via the global highscore list for the current game.

In addition to that, you can also participate in competitions. A competition is a "game within the game" where you can battle for additional honour, glory and sometimes even prizes.

Competitions exist in two different versions - either as a cup or as a mini-league. There won’t necessarily be extra competitions within every fantasy game

Cup: In a cup the contestants will meet head-to-head. Each team faces a direct opponent in each round.
Mini-league: In a mini-league all teams compete against each other via the league's highscore board.

How is a cup played?

A cup - either as a group game or as a competition - has three stages.

Registration (sign-up)

1. Registration
During this stage, the contestants can sign their teams up for the cup. If it's a group game, the contestants can also sign off for the game themselves. If it's a competition, this is not possible. Some competitions are mandatory, you will automatically join them when you activate your team.

2. Qualification
When the registration closes, the draw of the lot will decide which teams will face each other during the whole of the qualification period. The teams meet head-to-head, trying to get the most points per game round.

When the game round is verified and flagged green, the winning teams will receive 3 points, a draw awards 1 point, and a loss 0 points. There will also be given a tie-break score to each winning team, which corresponds to the growth in growth/points og the winning teams. It can be compared to a football match where the winner gets 3 points and a goal score. The tie-break plays an important part if two or more teams have the same points after the qualification.

All the qualification game rounds are played like this.

3. Knock-out
When all qualification rounds have been played, the teams with the most points will proceed to the knock-out stage. If the qualification cannot be decided by looking at most points only (if some teams have the same amount of points), it will be necessary to look at the tie-break value as the next decisive criterion.

The qualified teams once again meet each other head-to-head by the luck of the draw. The winner will proceed to the next round, while the loser will get knocked-out of the cup. Thus proceeds the cup until a single winner is found.

Cup - if you want to

The principle with the cup is that you face a direct opponent each game round, until you either get knocked-out or stand as the single winner of the cup.

A cup can look different according to choice, the number of qualification rounds and knock-out rounds can vary. However, the main goal will always be to beat your direct opponents for each single game round and get points and a good tie-break-value (growth difference).

In the first round it's important to win over your opponent to score points. Secondly - in the qualification rounds - the tie-break is used as the next criteria in case of two teams ending up on the same point score.

Luckily, you only have to think about, how to set your team up for the best possible round, since big growth/many points give you the best opportunity to win the game round.


How does the live update work?

The updating of live matches happens in several steps:

1. Live update from our data supplier, including their assists. This leaves room for possible corrections later.
2. Poss. adjustment - for example addition of new players).
3. After control: Comparison of our match data with match referals from other media sources. If inconsistencies are found, further investigation ensues. Goals will be re-watched to make sure assists are in compliance with our definition.

When a match is marked as "verified" (flagged green in the game round overview), it's thoroughly investigated and reviewed. The goals are carefully inspected in an attempt to provide correct assists.

Despite all our best efforts, we cannot rule out the possibility that we might, at times, be wrong. If you, after the verification of a match, still feel that the results are incorrect, you are welcome to contact us. The easiest way to do this is via our contact form.


I can't find the answer to my question

We are really sorry that you have a question that is still bugging you. We know how frustrating this can be, so go to our contact section and we will endeavour to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Why does the countdown timer appear to be wrong?

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the times displayed, we can not totally guarantee a 100% sync between the time displayed upon your computer system or other time keeping device.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to make any player trading/adjustments to your team in good time, approximately 1 or 2 hours before the game is set to lock-down.

The clocks on our servers are kept synchronised with ( NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland NIST Internet Time Servers.

Why does my Captain's bonus seem incorrect?

Remember that if your captain belongs to a club that plays two matches in one Game Round, he will receive his captain's bonus for both matches..

I've won a prize! Do I need to do anything to claim it?

Firstly, let me say well done and congratulations!

So that we can send you your prize, you need to ensure that your name, address and other personal details have been correctly entered on the page containing your account settings..

We'll send your prize within approximately 14 days. If you have however not received your prize after 14 days, please contact us at to include within the email your team name, the email your account is associated with and the name of the game that you won the prize competing in.

I would like to sponsor a competiition, who should I contact?

If you would like to sponsor a competition, please contact us at

Groups and Mini-Leagues

What's the difference between a group and a mini-league?

A group is designed for fellow fantasy managers to create their own space in which they can communicate and interact with one another. Members of a group have their own private forum to post topics for discussion, making it perfect for users who have friends they would like to communicate with, directly within Sportsbox itself.

A Mini-League is designed for fellow fantasy managers to create their own league, allowing them to compete directly against one another, with the best performer for each GameRound becoming top of the mini-league! Leagues are perfect for those users who have friends they would like to compete against more directly.

One of the key advantages of establishing a group is that a group's existance remains seperate from a game. This means that once a season has ended, the members of the group are still in contact with one another via the group forum. This makes it easy to set-up new Mini-Leagues to compete against fellow group members at a later date for different games and sports. Groups are able to set-up numerous Mini-Leagues for their group members to compete within.

An important point to make is that it is possible to be a member of a group without competing within any of the group's associated mini-leagues. By contrast however, it is not possible to compete within a group's associated mini-league without also being a member of the group. As a result, when joining a mini-league, you as a user automatically become a member of the group that established that mini-league.

Mini-leagues can be created via a group's main page or via the tab named "Mini Leagues" within a game.

The password for a group or any of its associated groups are the same and as such can only be changed by the group's administrator.

Technical help

What are the technical requirements for the website?


We strongly recommend that you use the latest version of your preferred browser, for example Google Chorme, Firefox 3, Microsofts Internet Explorer 8, Opera browser 9.6 or if you use a Mac Safari 3.1.

Whilst it is possible to use the site using older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, you may encounter various problems when using the site and unfortunately not have such a great experience.


To get the full experience whilst using the site, we highly recommend that you have the latest version of Adobe's Flash plug-in installed. See also the link have I the required version of Flash installed?

Javascript and Cookies

Javascript and cookies are necessary for the site's performance. We use cookies to store user information and javascript to run live updates, sorting of tables, etc. Therefore it's important that you ensure that Javascript and Cookies are not disabled in your browser.

Have I got the right version of Flash installed?

In order to see your team graphically, you must have Flash version 9.0.115 or later installed.

If you are unsure about whether you have Flash installed on your computer, or which version you have, you can check it via using this link, Adobe Flash Player.
On this site you can compare your version (see version info-box), with a list of the latest versions of Flash for your platform (see Platform - Browser - Version-box).

It is also extremely important that you enable JavaScript and ActiveX in your browser. It might also be possible that you need to allow this site access within your browser, firewall or antivirus program settings.

For further information we refer you to this help page link from Adobe (which publishes flash). Here you can see how to configure your browser security (paragraph. 3), as well as providing several other solutions that could mitigate Flash display problems you may be experiencing (Part 4).

Installing Flash
If you want to install a new version of Flash, you can download it via this link, Install Adobe Flash Player.
Note that it is not enough to simply download Flash, you must also ensure that it is installed and may require you to restart you computer.
If you're unsure about how to install flash, you can find further help and instructions via this link, Flash Player installation instructions.

How do you properly format text when writing wall/forum posts?

You have the following options for formatting text when writing wall/forum posts.


**bold text** bold text
//italic// italic
--strikethrough-- strikethrough


[[|Link til Swush]] Link til Swush


* first
* second
* third
• first
• second
• third

# first
# second
# third
2. second
3. third

Trade players and change captain

When can I buy and sell players?

You can only buy and sell players during a Game Round, before any matches/races/events for that Game Round have started. You can view the Game Round schedule on the "Game rounds" page on game, where a countdown to the next event is also available.

When can I select a new captain/talent?

You can change your captain/talent while trading is open. View the game round schedule, for specific dates.