Play with your friends

About groups

With a group you can gather your friends and play against them. The group is the nexus for all your activity: You get your own forum, membership lists, options to create mini-leagues and mini-cups.

To create a new group, set a team in one of our games and create/join a group game from there.

Search for an existing group or take the plunge by creating your very own group for your friends, colleagues or family. Believe us when we say there's probably a group for everyone, but if you can't find one you like, feel free to start your own. It's much more fun to play when you're part of a group full of people that share the same interests as you. Just think, a group for all those who also like riding Harleys at the weekend, or perhaps a group for everyone that supports the same club as you...the options are endless!

Each group gets a private forum where members can chat and discuss as well as a Mini-league that is included in all our active games. Results from your previous games will be saved to the group, securing your status as a champion manager in the group's history book.